Israel Providing Intelligence & Training to Ukraine to Shoot Down Drones: Meanwhile, Back In Syria, Israel Has Started A Quiet Run of the Table

Important takeaways:

:pushpin: Israel has not supplied Ukraine with its Iron Dome System - not yet

:pushpin: Days after Israel said no to sending its Iron Dome System to Ukraine, Israel then attacked two big Iranian bases in Syria where drones are kept and worked on. Israel demolished everything on the tarmacs.

:pushpin: Israel fired missiles from their F-16s while flying over the Mediterranean Sea. The bases were on the coast of Syria and central Syria. Israel aircraft never entered Syrian airspace.

:pushpin: Israel is being mum on these attacks, but, they flew hundreds of sorties in Syria this week and the focus seems to be on militant air bases while also targeting supplies and logistics.

:pushpin: Israel also attacked numerous Syrian air defense systems.

:pushpin: Israel, Iran, and Russia have the three largest imprints on Syria. And now Israel is using the distraction of Ukraine to go into Syria and take on Ukraine’s mutual enemies - Russia and Iran - by destroying more war materiel which could have made its way into Ukrainian airspace.

:pushpin: With these two big successful airstrikes on Russian and Iranian equipment in Syria, Israel just took out Syrian backed militants inventory of heavy weapons destined for use against Syria or Ukraine. This means Iran can no longer be seen as a power broker in the Ukraine War. They are relegated to “also rans” like Belarus and Chechnya, two countries which sent aide to Putin, only to discover Putin was using their citizens as cannon fodder in a slapdash war with no winning strategies.

:pushpin: Israel’s latest actions have hurt their relations with Russia. Russian diplomats condemn Israel for launching attacks on the sovereign country of Syria.
Russia demands Israel to stop airstrikes inside Syria.

:pushpin: As Russia continues to shovel men, materials, and money into Ukraine, Israel is now the ascendant power in Syria and is now controlling major portions of Syrian airspace. Russia no longer has a strong Syrian card in their hands when it comes to trying to use Syrian weapons in Ukraine. Not with Israel on the hunt and watching air traffic like an eagle in Syria.

Image of an Israeli F-16.


From an article printed six-weeks ago in the New York Times:

JERUSALEM — Russia recently redeployed critical military hardware and troops from Syria, according to three senior officials based in the Middle East, underscoring how its faltering invasion of Ukraine has eroded > Moscow’s influence elsewhere and removing one of several obstacles to Israeli support for Ukraine.

Russia, which has been a dominant military force in Syria since 2015 and helps maintain the Syrian regime’s grip on power, still keeps a sizable presence there. But the change could herald wider shifts in the balance of power in one of the world’s most complicated conflict zones, and allow Israel, Syria’s enemy and southern neighbor, to rethink its approach to both Syria and Ukraine.

According to two senior Western diplomats and a senior Israeli defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to speak more freely, Moscow recently transferred some troops and a Russian air-defense system out of Syria, removing one of the main restrictions on Israeli military actions in Syria.