Israeli settlers and soldiers attack and kill many Palestinians in West Bank villages

While the world focuses on the Hamas massacre in southern Israel and Israel’s massive bombing of the Gaza Strip, settlers in the occupied West Bank are taking advantage of the chaos to attack and expel Palestinians from a number of small villages.

Israeli soldiers and settlers have killed 51 Palestinians in the West Bank since Saturday, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah. At least two villages, Al-Qanub and Wadi Al-Sik, have been entirely depopulated as a result of the violence by Israeli settlers.

A Palestinian in At-Tuwani, a village in the Masafer Yatta region of the South Hebron Hills, is in critical condition after a settler, accompanied by an Israeli soldier, invaded the community on Friday and shot him at point blank range. The attack was documented by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

Throughout the West Bank, Palestinian residents are witnessing an increased presence of armed settlers around their villages, more military roadblocks, and tightened movement restrictions. “At this time we are actually living under siege. Most of the villages in the West Bank are closed in mounds of dirt and it is impossible to get out,” said a resident of the village of Qaryut. “There are settlers everywhere. Every time we approach houses near a settlement, they shoot at us. They are taking advantage of the security situation in Gaza, to take revenge on the West Bank. Because no one is looking at the West Bank now.”

On Wednesday, in the village of Qusra near Nablus, three Palestinians — Moa’th Odeh, Musab Abu Rida, and Obida Abu Sarur — were shot dead, while a 6-year-old girl was wounded in the upper body. It is unclear who opened fire on them. The attack began with masked settlers shooting at houses in the village, according to three eyewitnesses and medical personnel who treated the wounded at the scene. Video footage shows six masked men, armed with pistols and M-16 rifles, opening fire inside the village. Later that day, according to eyewitnesses, another resident, 13-year-old Hassan Abu Sarur, was also shot dead when soldiers entered after the settlers withdrew from the village.

Along with the incident in Qusra, settlers have attacked at least 18 Palestinian villages throughout the West Bank since Hamas’ assault on Saturday, according to Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights group. The army announced that, due to the security situation, the police will distribute M-16 rifles to settlers in the West Bank. Media organizations affiliated with extremist settler groups in the area called on settlers to prepare to “conquer the villages near you” and to “destroy anyone who joins the enemy.”


Settlers in Esh Kodesh and the surrounding area had sent warning messages to Qusra’s residents in the previous two days, in which they threatened to take revenge in response to Hamas’ assault in southern Israel. In one photo, which was sent to the residents few days ago, a group of masked men can be seen holding fuel tanks, an electric saw, and axes, with a caption in Hebrew and Arabic: “To all the rats in the sewers of Qusra village, we are waiting for you and we will not feel sorry for you. The day of revenge is coming.”

According to a Qusra resident who asked to be identified by just his first name, Abed, “It started at noon, when 20 masked men invaded the village and stoned the houses of families living on the edge of the village. They came from the direction of the Esh Kodesh outpost. We ran there to get the families out of their homes, because settlers tried to set fire to one of the houses. A mother, father, and a girl were inside. While we were trying to get the little girl out of the house, they started shooting at us, hitting the girl. They killed three people.”

According to eyewitnesses, at least 15 Palestinians were wounded by gunfire. Medical personnel who treated the wounded said that the condition of some of them was critical.

“I evacuated a girl who was shot; she was injured inside her house and was bleeding,” said Bashar al-Kariyuti, a Palestinian ambulance driver who arrived at the scene during the attack. “The girl’s father was also shot in the face. It was impossible to recognize him.”

Ahmed, a third eyewitness to the incident who requested that his last name be withheld for safety reasons, recounted that the military stayed inside their observation post while settlers opened fire at Qusra’s residents. “My cousin was hit in the head, my brother was shot right at the entrance to his house,” he said. “Then soldiers took the [digital video recorder] that recorded everything; an hour after the event they came in and confiscated cameras. I’m sure they did it to erase the evidence.”

Residents of Qusra said that a small number of soldiers accompanied the settlers throughout the attack. When the villagers threw stones at the settlers, to force them back, soldiers backed up the settlers with live fire, according to the residents.

Along with the incident in Qusra, settlers have attacked at least 18 Palestinian villages throughout the West Bank since Hamas’ assault on Saturday, according to Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights group. The army announced that, due to the security situation, the police will distribute M-16 rifles to settlers in the West Bank. Media organizations affiliated with extremist settler groups in the area called on settlers to prepare to “conquer the villages near you” and to “destroy anyone who joins the enemy.”


Families living on the outskirts of Turmus Ayya, near the Shiloh settlement, said that eight armed settlers, partially dressed in military uniforms, ordered them to leave their homes; they also set up a sort of checkpoint, which they have been operating ever since. “On the first day of the war, a group of settlers built a room a few meters from our houses, closed our access road to the houses, and since then have been there all the time,” said Abdullah, a local resident. “We are 25 people, many children and women, who cannot leave or enter the village. We reach our homes through the olive groves. Anyone who leaves their house, including women, is stopped and searched.”

In a mountainous area in southern Hebron, settlers on Tuesday violently attacked residents of two tiny villages, and settlers bulldozed two houses in the village of Simri, whose residents had previously left due to settler violence.

“Three settlers came for my children. One with an army weapon, the second with a gun, the third with a knife,” said an elderly resident hospitalized with back and leg injuries, who asked to remain anonymous for fear the settlers would take revenge on him. “They told me to shut up and started beating me with the buttend of a rifle. They knocked me to the floor, closed the door of the house on the children, and beat my wife in the chest as well. They said that it’s now a war, and that if I say anything to the media, they’ll come back at night and burn my family. I shouted to them that I am a shepherd, that I am not connected to the war in Gaza.”


Ayup. The BBC has been reporting on that.

As suggested before, a coalition that rules by a thin margin, is controlled by the most extreme faction in that coalition. My sense is that the most extreme factions in the Israeli government want ethnic cleansing, if not genocide, of Pals.

I ran into a high school classmate at the 45th reunion, a few years ago. We started getting caught up, and she mentioned she had been in a kibbutz during the 1973 war. Then she started talking about how she is such an ardent zionist. I couldn’t believe the flow of hate coming out of her mouth, as she had been really nice fifty-odd years ago.

Two pieces on the news wire lately, due to the war: increased Jewish audience for Fox Noise, due to that network’s total support for Israel, without mentioning anything inconvenient to the Israeli narrative, and plunging support, among the large Muslim population of southeastern Michigan, for anyone in the US government, who supports Israel. Michigan, being a swing state, the war in Gaza could impact the US government in 24.



There are pockets of Hamas on the West Bank.

Not in the small villages reported by my OP.

Hamas does not live in the small villages, that they are mainly old men, women and children who are simple olive grove farmers.

The settlers and the IDF want to drive these Palestinians off of their lands.

Harassment and intimidation by Israeli settlers, often with a military escort, are hardly a new phenomenon for the Palestinians of Susiya, a small village in the Masafer Yatta region of the occupied West Bank. Since the war that began on Oct. 7, however, we’re seeing an alarming escalation — and it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between settlers and soldiers.

Throughout the past three weeks, settler-soldier militias have been raiding rural communities across the West Bank, assaulting Palestinian residents, and threatening them with more violence if they do not leave their homes. While the whole world is watching Israel’s assault on Gaza, the settlers have seized the opportunity to ramp up their attacks in an attempt to forcibly and systematically displace hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of Palestinians.

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There was no evidence of anything in the blog article. There was hearsay evidence that amounted to nothing.

But anything Israeli must be guilty according to you.


Bury your head a little deeper in the sand so you don’t see anything that upsets you.
If you are god’s chosen peolpe, it is only a short trip to believing you are the “master race”.


The Islamic schism needs to end.

It is not just Isreal having a problem with the Muslim world.

The Muslims among themselves can not govern themselves justly. Other nations are affected but most of the slaughter is happening Muslim against Muslim.

If you care about Muslims and Arabs in particular give that equal time.

The chosen people thing? You do not understand the Jewish culture. One line in the Bible is not a full culture. Barely a fragment of a culture.


I want to thank you for your thoughtful reply and apologize for my “master race” comment. It was trollish. I don’t agree with your assessment of an Islamic schism.
The middle east has leadership problems in adapting to a changing modern world, some stemming from American meddling making things decidedly worse.
Islam is a peaceful and beautiful faith when not politicized. I would say the same about Judaism. Zionists have done just that. I am myself agnostic though raised Catholic. Catholicism is not far removed from Judaism.

My issue with Israel from its inception is injustice. Jewish refugees were given land in Palestine by a British mandate having no legal basis. Palestine was not theirs to give. Moreover, the supposed Jewish birthright in Palestine it tenuous at best. After 2000 years of supposed displacement, a group of Eastern Europeans claimed about 1/2 of Palestine as their own. The territory was taken violently and without compensation. Neither the bible, hardly a legal document and more akin to a fairy tale justifies this nor does any chromosomal analysis tie them to this region. In the intervening years, Zionists have pushed themselves onto an additional 38% of historic Palestine. Continued encroachment and dispossessing continues on a daily basis.

The current actions in Gaza make no sense in terms of “destroying Hamas”. For every child, mother, wife, parent killed in the most horrific fashion, 10 angry Palestinians are likely recruited to violence. I can’t say that I would not be under those circumstances even though I have dedicated my life to healing and comforting the ill. The tactics employed, forced evacuation south and systematic destruction of habitation and infrastructure, is clearly intended to drive the population of Gaza south and, by leaving nothing for them to which to return, eventually out of Gaza. The IDF has no issue with the slaughter of innocents, but the murder of every Palestinian in Gaza would poison them in the eyes of the world. I velieve they would do it wholesale if they could get away with it, as they have no problem doing is piecemeal, even in the West Bank.

In closing, I would not equate the current Zionist government of Israel with Judaism. Jews around the world, including prominent Rabis, within and outside Israel, stand with the Palestinians, as do I.

Mark Jardini, MD, Capt, ANG, (ret)


The Islamic schism is a lack of actual rights. The governance can not settle down into a peaceful justice for Muslims. Meaning we are all horrid at times. The ability to legally have rights is the counterbalance.

You are miscategorizing where the refugees came from. 55% of Israelis are Sephardic. Their experience is in Arab Muslim countries. Their claim to Israel is a rejection of their poverty in Arab societies. The poorest ghetto in Egypt is Jewish. That would be true throughout the Middle East.

I agree there is an injustice to the Palestinians in that region. The problem is there is no such thing as the word Palestinian in Arabic. The people are actually Greater Syrians. This is a proxy war with Russia.

The Gazans might not even back Hamas. You might not want to assume they do. If Hamas survives the cruel thing for the Palestinians this war will need to be fought a few times going forward.

Mark Jardini - Thank you for your excellent and accurate post on the history of Israel.

Most Jews are Ashkenazi. The collective memory is different than the Sephardic’s collective memory. Israel is majority Sephardic.

I will simply ask you, would you like to live in the poorest ghettos in Egypt or Yemen? Obviously no. That is where the Sephardics are coming from.

The NYC Askenazi is playing Monday morning quarterback. He does not even know who is on his team.

Fake news. No references.

Show us open free elections in Gaza or forget it.