"It's about America"

American Pie Don McLean’s opus from 50 years ago.

Feb 2019.
From the archives: ‘American Pie’ isn’t a song about Buddy Holly, Don McLean says: ‘It’s about America’

As I read and listen to all the angst about the US and how BAD everything is going, I remember American Pie and “this time” doesn’t seem so ‘different’.



American Pie, the song that almost wasn’t. At one point I knew some of the folkies who would hang out in Saratoga, NY, home of the venerable Cafe Lena where Don lived at the time. Story is that he came into the bar one night and sang this new song he had written and then proceeded to get roaring drunk … probably had a head start. After he had left, one of the other folkies noticed that he had left behind the lyrics of the song and picked it up and returned it to him the next time they met. Apparently Don had no memory of the song until he saw the lyrics again.