It's All About The Batteries

Battery Day. Tesla stockholders have been talking batteries for years. Now it is front page news. How to cut off Russian oil is also front page news. Europe is the problem. Tesla Berlin factory open today. Just in time right?…


We hear about FI, as in Financial Independence.

We rarely hear so much about EI, as in Energy Independence.
This conflict has made that EI is important, even more clear.

Grid level battery storage. “Green” energy.

Covid moved WFH and “cloud” forward by 20 years.
This conflict has the potential to move battery storage forward.

Yay us.

<< We rarely hear so much about EI, as in Energy Independence.
This conflict has made that EI is important, even more clear.. >>


You have this completely backwards!!

Think about it for a minute:

If we (the West) had no energy “dependence” on Russian fuel exports, we would have less leverage to use on Putin. We would be that much closer to just a military option.

Only by having economic ties can we apply economic sanctions.

What’s the downside to us refusing Russian imports? Our price of gas goes up. Big deal. The government could easily subsidize gas purchases. It would cost a hell of a lot less than engaging our military.

Having an interconnected world (and that mostly means business) is one path to peace. Isolation just doesn’t work very well.


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There are pros and cons, of course.

But, fossil fuels are a major source of wealth that allows countries with authoritarian regimes to “threaten” the rest of the world. Their very ability to cause grief, depends on the petro dollars from a natural resource.

The covid pandemic and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine have highlighted the perils of having all the eggs in just one or two baskets.

In addition, decentralized, consistently available energy will benefit so many places, such as rural Africa, rural USian Indigenous Reservations, rural Asia, etc…

The world GDP will increase and we’ll move closer to a Type 1 Kardashev civilization.


<< …we’ll move closer to a Type 1 Kardashev civilization.. >>

Don’t hold your breath!…

  1. Fusion power: just 10 years away (as “they” have been saying for decades)

  2. Antimatter: umm…sure. The cost: about $62 trillion (with a “T”) to make 1 gm of anti-hydrogen.

  3. Renewables: “There is no known way for human civilization to use the equivalent of the Earth’s total absorbed solar energy without completely coating the surface with human-made structures, which is not feasible with current technology.”