It's either THIS or total war

{It’s either THIS or total war against an implacable foe.}

Israel Expands Operations Against Iranian Nuclear, Military Assets
Israel is targeting a broader range of key targets in a series of covert operations, people familiar with the new strategy say

Israel is intensifying its campaign to thwart Iran’s nuclear, missile and drone programs with a series of covert operations targeting a broader range of key targets, said people familiar with the effort.

The new moves are the latest evolution of a strategy that has been dubbed the Octopus Doctrine by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who aims to bring Israel’s battle against Iran onto Iranian territory after years of targeting Iranian agents and Tehran’s proxies outside the country in places such as Syria.

A shadow war is by definition a limited fight. A country engaged in such a struggle aims to accomplish three strategic goals.

First, hitting and eliminating selected high value enemy targets whose existence or activities it deems decidedly inimical to its national security interests.

Second, convincing the enemy of the credibility of its warnings and its determination to put a stop to the existing or emerging threat.

Third, while demonstrating its readiness to escalate from verbal admonitions to violent actions it also signals its elemental disinterest in open warfare.…