January Performance Summary

In Praise of Brevity!

I have been away from the boards for quite a bit as my semi-major surgery developed into a sort of mid-major event complete with a short term relapse with an accompanying lingering malaise. I thank everyone for all the well wishes - it helped. I am finally feeling up to it and not so puny so I suppose starting with the January Performance Summary is as good a place as any to begin - as revolting as that performance might be. So let me get that out of the way:

Jan -26.9%

January was the Tiger and our head was in it’s mouth. But - if you go back and look at our returns over the last several years this loss was but a pittance compared to our overall gains. So - you just take the good with the bad and keep moving forward best you can.

The Portfolio

A) STARTERS - up to 70% of Investing Allocation

  1. MNDY
  2. DDOG
  3. ZS
  4. ZI
  5. UPST

B) The Bench - Up to 20% of Investment Allocation

  1. MELI - First off the Bench. Couldn’t resist when it sank to around $965 or so and picked it up on a short term contract at $970 and some change.
  2. SE
  3. SNOW
  4. GLBE

C) Scout Team

Gone with the wind.

Note 1 - slowly getting back into it and have added to every roster player over the last several days.

Note 2) 19.3% Cash position

All the Best,


January Performance Update:

We had a very aggressive rally to close out January 2022 which materially impacted the overall monthly performance results. Adjusted performance as noted below:

Original Monthly Performance Result: -26.9%

Adjusted Monthly Performance Result: -19.9%

Getting below that negative 20% makes me feel a lot better; however, the 2022 Trading Season is just starting and perhaps the market will feel differently tomorrow and take it all back to begin February. Could happen.

All the Best,

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Hi Champ!

You are correct. February or March might take it all back plus some. I am with you that I am down below 20% now, a little less than yours.

Here is to a good Feb and March :slight_smile:


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Hi Johnny:

Reason number 1 why one should never invest more money in the markets than they can afford to lose.

I keep reading all the various folks I follow and not one of them thinks that we are in for a V shaped recovery; however, just about the entire lot agrees that longer term things are going to be just fine. I suppose I am in the middle ground: perhaps we are enduring the worst of the train wreck early and then the rest of the year will be a rise to good fortune - or something like that.

All the Best,

Reason number 1 why one should never invest more money in the markets than they can afford to

Be still my heart.

Music to my


Hi Ears:

Ok… but you’re a common sense Classic in a roll-the-dice, meme stock investing world run amok.

This experience for some of the fearless younger investors has been their first Golpe en la Cabeza. They are learning the very hard way that the market also goes down.

Hope things are good in the Ears domain.

All the Best,