Jim Cramer Praises Upstart

I’m not a huge Jim Cramer fan but I thought it was interesting to hear him heaping high praise on Upstart yesterday. Nothing wrong with the mainstream financial media beating the drum on a great company.

“Every now and then a star, a legitimate star, is born. Just like in the movies, whether it be Judy Garland or Lady Gaga or Barbara Streisand.”

“We’ve had a ton of new issues this year, but so far I see only two legitimate stars, two that define what it means to be a company that may the next biggest thing in its category.” (he goes on to name Upstart and Doximity)

“Upstart is one of the premier disruptive names of our time, getting quick loans to deserving people using artificial intelligence to be sure they can pay those loans back.”

“A proud Dave wrote me a simple “AI lending is for real,” and I believe him, although he’s a bit given to hyperbole – calling it the most transformational change in lending in 5,000 years. Let’s just say it’s one unstoppable disrupter and leave it at that.”

"What do you do with the companies’ stocks? Stars last for a long time. So will these. you buy some to start a position and then you wait for them to come in. If they don’t. Just let 'em run. If they do because of some marketwide sell-off, take as much in as you can.

They are the best of the best of 2021."

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Thanks FoolishJeff,
I missed this (I only watch Cramer once a week or so).

Cramer has talked about Upstart a few times before and has had the CEO on his show once or twice - I saw a segment with Dave Girouard back in Jan. He is cautious with the recommendations of stocks we follow here because he views them as riskier than what is right for many in his audience. So when he brings one up it is usually as a recommended starter position or spec position – and a lot of people listen.

I’m personally not a big Cramer fan, but no matter what you think of him he does have a voice that a lot of people listen to. I think his average viewership has been over 200K people (and many estimates are higher given the number of people that watch it in offices and record and view it later).

When he points out and praises a stock in one of his special segments it often has a similar affect as a SA or RB recommendation with an immediate bump – with him it usually rises in after hours as he is talking about it. When he talked up UIPATH in his show on Aug 4 it went from the $62 close to over $65 in after hours before pulling back a bit.

Both UIPath and Doximity rose in after hours while he talked about them – the “Cramer effect”?

So while he is often a self promoting entertainer, he helps create a base of ownership in the retail investor space when he highlights a specific stock.

another Jeff
aka BornGiantsfan