Job Opportunity

Buying this ranch after I win MegaMillions. Reply here for ranch job opportunities.…



Incredible ranch. I do not play. Good luck.

Childhood friend I have the beginnings of a business partnership with has a house in North Truro. It is bigger and better done than this. The picture understate how great is up there on the Cape. His siblings also all have places in N. Truro.…

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I met a couple of elderly Australian women once. One of them said she had a ranch. I said that I had been taught in school that in Australia, they were called "stations. She said, “oh no, I have a ranch, but she - her friend - has a station”. I asked what the difference was. She said that her ranch was 250 acres and her friends station was 250,000 acres.

The one with the big spread invited us to visit her. She said that we should fly to Wugawuga and that she would “send the plane” from the “Big House” out to bring us to where they lived to stay for a while. Regrettably, we didn’t take her up on her offer.