John Oliver - "Inflation" Must-See &#1

Of all his segments this year, I busted out laughing hardest while shaking my head at his Inflation explanation, thinking, “Yes, yes, yes.”

There are so many LOL moments in this one and where this really takes off is John explaining the causes of inflation followed by real life examples of how it is affecting people - including traders of frog statues and a guy who just bought his first car ever and who put $20.00 in the tank and who explodes in profatities. John’s juxtaposition of a Jim Cramer clip from 6 months ago on this topic of inflation, versus one from last week, is what we’ve all come to expect of Jim Cramer, but Oliver really nails the look on Cramer’s face several times and its priceless.

Anyway, if you haven’t laughed out loud in a while, this oughta do the trick. And if it doesn’t, well, sorry I couldn’t help move your “laughter is the best medicine” needle.

If you find this funny, share more stuff like this on the board. We could all use a few laughs during times like these.

Rock, over and out

John’s Inflation Explanation is the kind of thing the average perplexed American could understand - were they to have the patience and watch the entire 24 minute clip. He pokes good fun at both sides for making ridiculous claims that one thing caused inflation.

Prepare to laugh. That’s my bet. And if you’re alone in the house when you need to let out a belly laugh, do it. John Oliver and Trevor Noah are better than any evening nightcast for taking hard to fathom topics and explaining them so that the average American comes away with a much better or deeper understanding. The bonus, of course, is that you laugh more than once at their wisecracks.


Oliver has that rare talent to make you laugh and make you think. Great link, thanks.