Julio Jones Picks the Bucs!

I’m loving how many vets are coming to the Bucs to play ball with Tom Brady this season, and I sure hope Julio earns a ring, he deserves one:

Julio Jones picked Bucs over Packers, Saints and Colts
Luke Easterling
Wed, July 27, 2022 at 10:54 PM·1 min read


When you’ve put together a Hall of Fame career over 11 seasons in the NFL, including seven Pro Bowls, it’s no surprise that multiple teams will want to sign you when you hit the open market.

That’s why, even with his age and recent injury history, veteran wide receiver Julio Jones still had multiple suitors when the Tennessee Titans allowed him to explore other options after last season.

Jones ended up signing with a former NFC South rival, choosing to take his talents to Tampa Bay and join Tom Brady in pursuit of a Super Bowl.

Good luck to them! It’s a long, hard season. I hope injuries are not debilitating.

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Yeah, Rob, we just lost our stellar center, Ryan Jensen, for months due to his practice injury. I love that guy. My fave center of all time. I call him the big punisher and may your god help you if you hit Brady too hard or mouth off to him because Jensen will step in and embarrass you (and get a fine while knocking sense into the taunter).

Man, three of our front OL will be new to their positions on the Bucs this year. Got me a bit concerned now. I hope the newbies step it up. If they do, they will be handsomely rewarded.

Our receiving corps is looking incredible and I’ve noticed some of our safeties and cornerbacks are playing above their normal levels in practice, so that’s the good news. Get Playoff Lenny into the mix again and keep him healthy and I think we have a good shot to take our division and conference this year.

These veterans are responding.

Kyle Rudolph is probably the happiest and most appreciative in his career:


Rudolph explained there is the Bucs’ playbook, which playbook diagrams each play and how and where receivers should run routes, block, you name it. But the playbook is just a diagram, Rudolph said, because Brady may want that play run with small modifications.

Brady knows what works and what doesn’t depending on personnel and the defense. So in a sense, Rudolph was saying he has to learn two playbooks, the original and how Brady actually wants those plays run.

Rudolph referred to this as “nuance.” So far, it appears Rudolph has all the attributes head coach Todd Bowles desires in a football player.

“He brings intelligence, he brings toughness, he brings savvy, and he’s played the game for a while,” Bowles said of Rudolph. “So. he gives us an extra guy. He can block, he can catch the ball.”

Interesting insight on Brady from Rudolph! And there are probably further tweaks in the huddle at times. Hard to get it right, I’m sure.

Former RB and BL Home Fool, Supernova Portfolio Contributor & Maintenance Fool
He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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With Rudolf and Evans lining up at any one time together, we’ll have two very tall receivers with sleeves of tattoos on one arm. Fitting representatives for “Bucaneers.” Get those cannons ready to boom this year. With Jones and Gage added to the mix, and Playoff Lenny ready to rock, will this team be able to bring us the magic of another ring on Brady’s hands? I can’t wait to see some of the new rookies and 1st and 2nd year men get some reps so we can evaluate. The center issue really has me worried, however. Jensen was like Brady’s personal “Enforcer.”