July Performance Summary

Back home for about several days… then back to vacationing for the rest of August. Left the All to Lovely in Europe with two of her club cronies and the rest of the family. Reminds me of that joke about how to have a long lasting and perfect marriage that goes something like this:

Pastor is standing outside the doors to the church after service greeting his flock. His secretary is standing next to him and whispers something about each member approaching the pastor.

Along come Henry. (The secretary whispers that Henry and his wife are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this week)

Pastor Greets Henry: Hello Henry hope you and your family are well and I am very pleased that you attended services today.

Henry: Thank you pastor - was a good service today.

Pastor: Why thank you - I understand that you and your wife are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary this week. Congratulations and please tell me your secret to a long and happy marriage?

Henry: Thank you Pastor. Well…I always make sure that the wife and I share in every decision 50/50. I listen to her and try to help out around the house as much as possible. Then - on our 10th wedding anniversary I took her to Europe.

Pastor: Why Henry thats just wonderful and we should hold you and your wife up as examples of how marriages should work. Tell me…what are you planning for your 25th anniversary?

Henry: Well…I was thinking of going back to Europe and picking her up.

Note 1: I am an amateur investor and do not try to represent myself as anything else. I follow numerous investing services and Discussion Boards and simply try to cherry pick the best ideas. Sometimes it does work well - and sometimes it don’t. Fortunately the Does is much more prevalent than the Don’t. Ah…but allocations and Roster positioning represent the true devil in the details.

Note 2) College Football season is approaching and the college sports dead season is ending. Thank the good lord! Shame that the PAC is all but history now.

Note 3) Wouldn’t it be swell if you bought a few tickets to the local college or university games and donated them to a nearby orphanage or Boys Club? Even better if you set aside one Saturday to take a group yourself.

Anyway this is how things stand with the Portfolio:

July was a very good month and ultimately tacked on +8.3% to the YTD gains. Lots of luck, as it were, - more just the natural flow of things, because traveling just didn’t allow me to interfere with the progress all that much. Go figure. Here is the monthly and YTD Box Score:

Feb… -0.6
Mar… +3.8
Apr… -1.7

YTD… +56.1

Note 4) As anyone attuned to growth investing can plainly see my YTD results are about PAR for anyone paying attention. There are investors who have done much better and some who have done worse. That can and does change from month to month and frequently so.

Once again - lacking a great deal of time, I have adjusted the portfolio to fit what I think is a pretty good and balanced roster going into August - and did so without the benefit of a Starting Gate analysis.

Here is what I sold out of during the month:

  1. SMCI - booked a great deal of profit but watching in awe as it continues to skyrocket.

  2. ANET - sold it yesterday after a great report and run.

  3. Sold out of ENPH just before I disastrous report based on the advice of the I/O fund. Proved to be a somewhat prescient move. Tempted to buy it back and might.

  4. Sold NNOX just because the more I read the more it just seemed much too cloudy to really understand.

I think thats about it.

This is the Portfolio as of today:

A) STARTERS - Intended to be 65-70% of Roster Contracts

  1. MNDY
  2. GLBE
  3. IOT
  4. AEHR
  5. CRWD

B) The Bench - Intended to max out at 20% or so of Roster Contracts

6.) BILL
7.) TTD
8.) AMD
9.) ONON
10) AXON

C) Rookie Development Squad - Intended to be not more than 10% of Roster Contracts.

  1. PSTG
  2. ENVX
  3. PGY

Since I am leaving again soon I do not intend to start or carry any TBs unless I do at some point.

Rules of Engagement:

  1. Have a Plan: Tweak as Needed
  2. Know Yourself: Weaknesses and Strengths
  3. Lean into your Strengths.
  4. Eyes on the Market
  5. Control your Emotions
  6. Never Argue with your Instincts.
  7. Mark your Targets When they Come
  8. Have Fun

That about does it.

All the Best,
BDH Investing

Final Note: For those who have asked: Sig P365