Jumping the Gun

Normally I would sometimes and occasionally lay out a loosely wound investing plan for the new month; which, in this case would be April. And while I may still crank out my semi-occasional, monthly Starting Gate which is the follow-up to the Monthly Performance Summary - today I jumped the gun all… sort of depending on what the April Starting Gate might contain. Sigh.

So anyway, with the Nasdaq 1758 pts or so above its approximate low of 2500 - I decided that a low - if not THE Low might be in, at least for a short duration. As such, I took several actions today, that in retrospect, will either be very very astute - or - remarkably dumb. We’ll see I guess.

So, for the record - what I done did:

  1. Decided to cut S’s contract and relegated it to the Bench.

  2. Used the funds from the S relegation to add to UPST and push it up into legitimate STARTER status.

  3. Added SE back to the Scout Team…just because it is still growing like gang busters even if it and India do not like each other.

  4. Added Marqeta (MQ) to the Scout Team. Why? Well…because three of my better investing services have jumped on the MQ bandwagon and after taking a look at what it does; and, more importantly, how it does…well, it just seemed like a reasonable idea.

What Marqeta Does: - “…Operates a cloud-based platform that delivers card issuing and transaction processing services…”


What MQ says about MQ:

“Our mission is to be the global standard for modern card issuing, empowering builders to bring the most innovative products to the world.”

Here is their latest Earning Report:


A few highlights:

  • Revenue Growth of 76% Y/Y

  • Revenue Growth acceleration of 56% from 3Rd QTR

  • DBRR of 175% for full year 2021.

  • Gross Profit grew 108% Y/Y

A few Data Points:

Current Price: $11.10
Price Range: 8.24 - 37.9
About 70.7% Below its High
Market Cap: $6.12B
YTD Performance: -38.3%
Momentum last 30 Days: +0.91%

Scouting Reports:



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