Juno in merger talks, up 45%

Congrats GauchoChris!



Thanks GauchoChris… right call back in August. Sold 1/3 AH.


Actually, here is one of the first posts on big pharma acquiring IO assets:


I had sold CELG to buy KITE.

Then sold KITE to buy JUNO (and later NKTR).

Now it looks like this is coming back full-circle to CELG!

Big question is where will I put the JUNO proceeds…

I think I will wait to see what CELG’s price will be. There’s always a chance for a bidding war or for JUNO to negotiate up the acquisition price. So I plan on waiting until JUNO’s board approves the acquisition.

I’m happy with my NKTR position at 4.1%. I don’t see any other IO companies that I want to bet on at this time so I’ll probably add to some of my other existing positions when I cash out JUNO. We’ll see when I have the cash in hand…



Nicely played Chris.

Held both KITE and JUNO, so this is nice to see. CELG holder for past 15 years or so. Will be interesting to see what price is…hard to sort out CELG right now. They know JUNO better than maybe even JUNO given their relationship the last few years. That said, they have had a tough year with earnings, Crohn’s fail, and recent lymphoma fail. Could be the good news we have been waiting for; hopefully not a reach for pacifying board and shareholders.

BLUE next?


Perhaps the next one is BLUE; it went up ~7% AH too. I would have guess FMI first, then BLUE, but given the Pfizer announcement this morning, perhaps Roche takeover is not on the table in the near future for FMI. There is going to be more consolidation in this sector now that companies can bring their overseas stockpile of cash over!