Just ask the wife

Several years ago, my wife was always shopping at TJMax.
Everything I wore seemed to come from that store.
I visited it with her one time- long checkout lines-
so I bought some of their stock.
Needless to say, it performed quite well-
(about 4X the SPY since 2009, when I got in)

So, when we started to stock up on foods during the
virus era in Feb/March, she started to buy Tupperware products,
I followed her cue and bought the stock, TUP.

Since then, it has beat quite handily all of the current stars-
which I own thanks to this board-

So, now I follow Saul’s pics, but I also ask the wife…




I think the phrase is, “Necessary but not sufficient”. Noticing a conspicuously growing brand is great, but that’s just the first step.

A few years back I noticed a similar thing about Rubbermaid - not only increasing dominance in the housewares aisle (e.g. plungers, dish pans), but also those ubiquitous storage buckets.

Then I saw them everywhere in hotels: housekeepers’ carts, mop buckets, CAUTION FLOOR WET signs.

And at the hospital, there it was again in the rolling stands that the nurses push from room to room to take vitals, chart medications - all with the Rubbermaid logo.

So I looked it up. Rubbermaid’s now a subsidiary of Newell, along with some other well-known consumer brands. Three years ago, trading in the 50s.

After a significant bump today, NWL closed at 18 and change.

My point is only that many (most) good investing ideas - aren’t. For whatever reason.

— sutton



This board is devoted to discussing individual growth stocks. Please end this thread relating to Tupperware et. al.


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