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There is a no politics rule here, it gets violated a lot.


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Welcome, Muneshine. I understand from your short statement that you are taking the first steps on the path of financial security.

If this is so, begin by reading a book that broadly covers many aspects of financial security. In order to invest, you need to budget so you can get out of debt and acquire capital (savings) that can be invested. My favorite book on personal finance is “Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy,” by Jane Bryant Quinn. Since this was written in 2009 there are obviously many changes, but the foundations are still valid. Read it cover to cover. Others may suggest more recent books that cover the myriad aspects of modern personal finance.


It’s extremely dangerous to get involved in narrow aspects of investing (e.g. Saul’s board) before gaining a solid foundation of financial security. If you have debt, your first stop at The Motley Fool should be the Credit Cards and Consumer Debt Board, https://discussion.fool.com/credit-cards-and-consumer-debt-10014…. Also the Living Below Your Means Board, https://discussion.fool.com/living-below-your-means-100158.aspx?...

The Macro Economic Trends and Risks Board discusses financial, economic, demographic and current events which can affect our investments as well as a broad range of investments (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.). Most of the members are elderly and have been investing for decades. The board has rules – No politics, No religion, No personal attacks – and they ARE enforced. Posts that violate the rules will be removed (FA’d = Fool Alert).

If you have capital to invest and are beginning, your job situation, age, risk tolerance and net worth are important to consider. If you have a negative net worth (your debts other than mortgage are higher than your capital) don’t even begin to consider investing. Pay off your debts first. Then build an emergency fund with at least 6 months of living expenses which you will keep in cash and NOT invest.

Each person is different.
You are welcome to lurk on METAR.
You are welcome to post data on Macroeconomic events which will help the rest of us invest. (Always post a link to the source so we can read the details.)
You are welcome to post your situation and ask for advice.



Wow, Wendy! This post is great. Thank you.

It should be on the sidebar so new people can find it.


Uhmmm, since no one has mentioned it for awhile, let me point out that we have the good fortune to have a benevolent dictator who keeps this board going, Our Empress Wendy. She does a great job of FA’ing sufficiently buty not too heavily and coaxing good behavior. The result is a board that lets you see a wide variety of view points and strategies in investing while having some real social fun razzing and jazzing and riffing on life and current events.

Welcome newcomers!

Thank you Wendy.

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