Keeping track of Fool articles, posts, and more

Hi all,

I posted the following in response to a post over at Stock Advisor. This might be useful to some on this board as well, hence re-posting.

I use Evernote along with the Evernote web clipper plugin to keep track of research material, posts etc of interest to me. I organise these by ticker folders. I also have a general investment philosophy folder, and a folder for new ideas …

Evernote is essentially a note taking tool. Their web clipper is a browser plugin that allows you to save web pages into your evernote folders in your desired format. You can also annotate these articles and you can do other stuff like collaborate with others when writing articles.

You can get the Web clipper here:

Here’s the guide:

I use the Safari plugin … but they seem to have plugins for other browsers. I quite like it, as most of my notes on my stocks is also in Evernote, so I can sync everything relevant into one common repository. You have the option of putting tags into documents you save … and these tags can be used to search for content (e.g., TMF, AAPL etc).

Here’s a cnet review of the Evernote Web clipper:…