Kidney Transplant Costs

A man got charged $13,000 for a kidney transplant. However he was the organ donor and it was supposed to be covered by the receiver’s insurance. When he asked about the bill, the hospital and anesthesiology company told him to go pound sand and threated to send him to collections.

By an amazing coincidence, they miraculously discovered they had made an error a mere one day after Pro Publica contacted them. They swear they had no idea what happened and it has never happened before.

But an industry spokesman says that providers commonly screw over donors, and there is actually an organization to help deal with the screw jobs:

“I tell donors, I can’t guarantee you won’t get a bill, but if you do, call me,” said Deidra Simano, president of the Transplant Financial Coordinators Association.…


And for some reason we think we have a better system than every other first world nation on the planet. It boggles the mind.

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