KITE drops due cerebral edema death

Same issue that plagued Juno.…


No doubt this is very concerning news, and sad for the person that died. It sounds like the person that passed on was in very, very bad shape. I don’t think we can tell whether:

A)there is any safety difference between Juno & Kite.
B)whether this therapy needs to be used with only earlier stage treatment.
C)whether this therapy needs a safety mechanism to shut it down like ZIOPs technology.

As it stands, if I were down to one option, I would still want the therapy, but I have no idea where the FDA will come out on this. The risk level for ZIOP has now increased substantially.




While the concept sleeping beauty is interesting & sounds nice in theory, unfortunately there has yet to be robust clinical data on it.

Sadly, it appears ZIOP is destined to be a penny stock, it just doesnt realize it yet.

In the conference call this was noted about the death of the patient: "All axicel and KTE-C19 studies will continue as planned. This was the first grade 5 cerebral edema event in over 300 patients, who have been treated with KTE-C19 CAR-T”

Just so everyone realizes the context and rarity of the death related to KTE-C19. Deaths will happen, these are sick peeps…

Still comfortable holding my small position in KITE