Larry Ellison from Oracle on Zoom…

From Business Insider:

In a rare YouTube video, Larry Ellison raves about Zoom, saying it has forever changed how Oracle — and all businesses — will work

…In the 50-second video, Ellison calls Zoom an “essential service” that has forever changed the way work will be done in the US, as well as at Oracle, which has 136,000 employees worldwide.

“Zoom has now become an essential service that allowed us to continue doing engineering, continue to do customer support, continue to do sales even though we’re still working at home,” Ellison says in the clip. “We’re looking forward to the economy being reopened. We’re looking forward to going back to work — but the way we work will never again be the same.”

The video wasn’t part of a longer companywide address. It was simply a quick message to cheer on the troops and tell everyone how impressed he was with the video service and how they can expect Zoom meetings to continue.

“We will now meet not just face-to-face: We’ll meet sometimes face-to-face and sometimes digitally via Zoom,” he says. “Zoom has become an essential service for Oracle, for companies in the United States, and for companies around the world. It’s allowed the economy to continue to function even though we’re facing a COVID-19 pandemic.”

To call this a highly unusual endorsement from Ellison would be an understatement. He has never before jumped onto YouTube like this, much less to praise a product that isn’t even of Oracle’s creation…

Saul here: Business Insider also points out that Zoom was a big customer of Oracle’s Cloud when they went from 10 million a day to 200 million a day, so Larry Ellison may have been biased,

…Zoom turned to Amazon Web Services and Oracle’s cloud, both of which proactively gave the company a discount, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan told Business Insider. Yuan said AWS CEO Andy Jassy, Oracle CEO Safra Catz, and Ellison told him they would support Zoom “because you are supporting the economy.”

But BI also pointed out that Ellison has NEVER done this before, even for one of their own products (see above).



In a rare YouTube video, Larry Ellison raves about Zoom, saying it has forever changed how Oracle — and all businesses — will work

That was April 17!…


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