Las Palmitas, Mexico Nieghborhoo Is An Art Mural

Look what poor hillside people did to lively up their “new” neighborhood of Las Palmitas, Mexico:…

I found this by looking over a music video I never caught in 2017 and only found today from Sigala (a DJ from Norfolk, England) & Elle Eyre’s (a singer from London, England) in “Came Here For Love.”

This music video really shows off the streets and people of Las Palmitas! Bravo to Sigala and Elle Eyre for giving them exposure. These Brilliant colors show me a neighborhood full of love, humor, soul, and passion. Keep an eye for the really young break dancer here. He could rival any American break dancer from Brooklyn for sure:


Thanks for posting the video. A nice interlude from reading/thinking about the economy, recession, etc. Found myself dancing in my chair. I think for every 4-5 posts I read about finance I should play at least a 2 minute dance video. Brings you out of your head into you body and helps keep perspective!

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