Las Vegas Burger King worker never took a sick day in 27 years

Heartwarming story of a 27-year career fast food worker getting recognized for loyal service and a job well done. Television viewers were understandably upset when a video surfaced of Mr. Ford opening a plastic bag with about $3 worth of candy – a gift from his employer. A Go Fund Me campaign collected $450,000 for Mr. Ford’s benefit.

Video Kindness of strangers evident as fundraiser earns more than $450 thousand - ABC News (

Why weren’t the Private Equity oligarchs who employed Mr. Ford doing more? Are you kidding me? That’s how they became oligarchs.



Note the news network was too ashamed to mention his hourly pay rate. How could you do that and call it an inspiration?

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It is part of the “dignity of work” propaganda. Just like a POTUS (the one trying to privatize SS some years ago) fawning over a 90-something farmer who supposedly still got up at dawn every day to work his farm, or the local Detroit media fawning over an 80-something guy who is still working full time as a salesman at a car dealership.

So, the takeaway from this piece if fluff is be happy flipping burgers for life, and never burden your “JC” by taking a sick day. The farmer and salesman stories were “don’t ever retire, work until you die”.

Steve…retied at 58 and never looked back


This worker was lucky that he got money from Go Fund Me. I general workers are stupid to not take their sick days. I used every last hour of my sick days before retiring.


In median-income jobs, the bosses will keep that in check dissuading employees by demanding the reasons for a sick day.

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No problem. Work next to the boss the whole time. See what happens the next time you call in sick…

Who says the boss is on location?

The boss might be, but the person who controls the business is not. That is the person with the sledgehammer.

Burger King is controlled by hedge fund guy Bill Ackman who went after that black Harvard Prez while his wife was a serial plagiarist. Now I understand the $3 bag of candy as a worker incentive. {{ LOL }}



When I was laid off from Office Depot, they paid me severance: a week’s pay for each year with the company (6). and, iirc, three weeks of vacation time they had not let me use. When Workplace Integrators closed, the “JC” sold the customer accounts to another Steelcase dealer, and kept all the loot for himself. No severance for employees (I had six years in), no payment for the accrued vacation they never let me use. (10 weeks.)


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