Last but not least my porfolio

My portfolio

I truly am a Money Slob.
I don’t keep any records but I am fortunate to have all my stock in a Charles Schwab PCRA account.
This is through my Voya 457b deferred comp plan.
I am now retired 1 month and have had little time to study ERs like I thought I would.

As of May 30, 2019 my Schwab account says I am up 58.88% YTD. This was the same as 2 weeks ago so
I think there was a large hiccup the Thursday before last (May 23rd) that we still haven’t come all the way back from.

2 days ago I moved aproximately 25% into cash, taking exact ratio amount off each of my positions, which I then planned to transfer over to my Voya “Active Fixed Income Fund” as a recession buffer.
At 68 and retired and not needing the money immediately, I still would not want to wait 4-7 years to be able to access some of the funds without losing money. So after 2 days ago, I had moved stuff around to have a 50/50 distribution between agressive stocks and stable stocks (remember, I am a Money Slob thinking only with his right brain.) I also have to point out that 60% of my “stable” fund is in some weird cash account that I have to wait for a month or 2 after retirement to roll it over into my 457b. Hence most of my tradeable money is in aggresive side of my 50/50.

So the stable option I have and had planned to move the 25% cash into, called “Active Fixed Income Option” invests primarily in “intermediate term bonds with maturities ranging from three to ten years.” The option provides a blended performance of the following three mutual funds:
33.3% BlackRock Debt Index
33.3% DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund
33.3% Wellington Trust Capital Core Bond Plus Fund

My “aggressive” portfolio is made up of these stocks.
2 days ago all these positions where 25% higher, for example ENPH was a 20% position.

ENPH 15.41%
TWLO 12.04%
AYX 10.30%
ZS 9.99%
TTD 9.97%
OKTA 9.57%
MDB 7.63%
ZM 3.94%
SQ 3.50%

I also read that someone on this board had some faith in Zoom and was still holding onto Square.
So I took some of the 25% cash and bought back into SQ and ZM.
I am no stranger to Square. But, being “the man who buys before the dips”, I have never seen my Square in the green in the last 2 years. Go figure. But, meh, I think I need more than 7 stocks although at 58.88% YTD, what me worry? I came on the scene late and didn’t buy any of these stocks when they were little tiny acorns like others in this group did. I am a living testimonial to buying growth stocks way after they have blossomed.
My daughter in San Francisco was going to an art fair/market and was talking to me on her Bluetooth. I asked her “hey, look and see if anyone is using Square to collect money from credit cards”. She said “I already know. EVERYONE is using Square.” hmmm. The only problem I have with The bigger Square apps that bigger stores use is that you have to sign your name with your finger. Who knows where the finger before you has been! Serious. Especially when the current herd mentality believes that vaccines are bad.

I have been circling the perimeter of Slack because my daughter says EVERYONE where she works uses it. It has replaced email to communicate.
Not buying anything else and I might just sell Square because I think the sun, stars, and planets are all aligned to jinx Square for me.

I guess what spurred me to write my portfolio is my position in ENPH and comparing my numbers to others on this board. I attribute the difference to only one thing: my position in ENPH. I know most would run screaming from studying the last 2 years of ENPH earning reports. They were down to a dollar a share 2 years ago.

Two things convinced me I might want to start adding to this position:
1–I can’t help but believe that solar will be a major source of clean energy in the future. Simply that. But to elaborate, I have been going to Costa Rica every 6 months for the last 3 years and although everyone loves living in the coastal regions at non-California prices, they all say they need AC at night in order to sleep. many times group talk on the Facebook Expates group (no, Facebook is not going away. Expats in CR use it for everything) focuses on the cost of electricity. It appears that, to cool a home for sleeping, the electric bill can run up into the $300-400 a month range. So an effective easy to install solar panel would definitely be a better mousetrap.
2–TJ Roberts and his raves about Enphase. I first discovered him while reading the comments section of a Seeking Alpha article. This guy believes ENPH is going to be the next Apple Computer (he used to own an Apple store in Boston). I invite you to mosey through his articles and comments.

Here is his blurb at the top of his profile.
I have installed Enphase solar photovoltaic systems since 2010. I have taken solar courses at SEI in Colorado and have volunteered with GridAlternatives installing Enphase systems on homes. I have a 20,000-Watt Enphase solar system on my home and no real utility bill. I am a huge fan of solar, and believe free energy from the Sun is the only way to ensure a bright future for our planet. The fossil fuels should be left in the ground where they belong. DG is the best solution, and that is Enphase Energy with its microinverters which decentralize power at the solar panel-level ensuring optimal reliability, safety, performance and longevity. Enphase’s simple plug-n-play solar is truly the solar panel system for the masses. Centralized power with solar farms in the middle of nowhere is not the answer since when the Sun hits a cloud, it creates a huge power vacuum; rooftop solar with optimal distributed generation of power with small amounts of storage is the best solution.

I jumped into and out of ENPH over the last year or so and as long as it was in the green I kept going. I woke up one day and yowza.

3–Ok, I said 2 reasons, but I can’t close this blather without mentioning Putnid and his love of ENPH. He might have pointed me there during my desire to at least have a little solar something in my quiver. (of course, I got burned trying to have a little Pot stock in my quiver).

Where am I? Oh, planet earth and it’s time for bed.