Latvia Pushes for EU Ban on Russian Grain, Replacement with Ukrainian Grain

As reported by Ukrinform, according to Latvia’s agricultural minister, even as Polish farmers are dumping Ukrainian grain at the border, Russian grain is still being sold in the EU.

by Kyiv Post | February 26, 2024

Latvia voted to ban Russian grain imports. Now it wants the EU to do the same, replacing Russian grain with Ukrainian.

“Everything that’s imported from Russia can be imported from Ukraine. And in this way, we will help Ukraine and not help Russia support its war machine,” the Latvian Minister of Agriculture Armands Krauze told Ukrinform in Brussels at the doorstep of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council on Monday.

Meanwhile, while Russian grain is apparently still being sold in the EU, Polish farmers have been filmed dumping out Ukrainian grain at the border in protest of increased competition.

“We are still asking to put Russian grains and food under the sanctions,” Krauze said. “Latvia adopted a national law regarding the import from Russia into the Republic of Latvia. This does not affect transit to third countries, including other EU countries. But, since last Thursday, our parliament passed a ban on Russian grain and foodstuff imports to the Republic of Latvia.”