When they closed the Fool UK down a lot of posters went to this site set up by a few posters. Ive just registered and will ask to see if they can set up a Berkshire Board. They have the old format running.


The Lemon Fool - Home

Looks like Bogleheads, but with ads.

(1) Bogleheads.org - Index page


It looks logical. This site is a puzzle….I like threads and continuity. I used to Bogleheads as well so this would be easy to adjust to.

Lucky Dog

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“I don’t see any reason why not but we’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours or so.”

Did they get back to you?

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Just noticed this on the Lemon Fool board….they’ve been doing this since 2016 when the Motley boys abandoned them. :). They are giving us a warm welcome.


Well, I just joined.

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Me too! Looks like a nice interface. Easy peasy…no hiccups, and no hassles once you establish a username and activate via email. I see the welcome to US fools thread, but is there a separate BRK discussion forum established yet on there?

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I have also registered at the Welcome to US Fools - Discussion Board - The Lemon Fool which is linked above.
It is very similar to Bogleheads.org with which I am familiar.
Should we individually now post at that Board to introduce ourselves and also request a dedicated BRK board? Or should we wait for the leaders here to handle the request for us?
IOW, do we first have to make a good US showing before The Lemon Fool would initiate a dedicated BRK board?
I am heavily invested in BRK. And, I have very much appreciated the information shared on BRK boards over the past 23 years. It’s been very, very helpful.
Thanks so much to those of you who are still here for continuing to share BRK information and for trying to find a viable way forward.


Has anyone here asked The Lemon Fool to set up a dedicated BRK discussion board for us?

I asked about the BRK board from the outset and they put up “welcome US fools” i’m sure they will if they get more requests. I had a look butyou cannot setup your own.

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Board requested.


Hello all,

This is Clariman, one of the UK Motley Fool user community who set up The Lemon Fool in 2016. We did so when TMF UK suddenly announced that it was going to close its discussion boards with almost immediate effect. It has operated well since then with a team of volunteer moderators.

In terms of your situation here, it is up to you what you do. Whenever anyone changes forum software it is irritating but after a while you will probably get used to it and learn to take advantage of new features.

If anyone still wants to find a new home we would be happy to help. The reason we did not immediately set up a BRK board when requested by Blackswanny, was because we would rather take a more strategic look at it and see what any US requirements might be. We also noticed that the user was UK based, so not sure how well they may represent US based Fools (no offence). Since we posted the Welcome US Fools no US posters have joined to discuss what their requirements might be, so we have paused for now. I would prefer to have this discussion on TLF rather than abuse Fool.com’s hospitality and don’t want to poach users from them to us, but happy to help if we can.



A footnote. I see someone has mentioned adverts. The site is free to use and is funded by a combination of Google Ads and voluntary subscriptions. Some users use adblockers to block the ads. Others give a voluntary subscription for an ad-free service (20 GBP, which was getting pretty closed to 20 USD :rofl: but is maybe about 25 USD just now)