LGIH today

The J P Morgan analyst has a 4-star rating. However, his price target from back in November is $42. So, I can see his downgrade from buy to hold. I give him a little credit because it was a good call at the time. The high analyst target is $53 and mine is higher. Overall, if any credence is given to analysts’ targets, the risk/reward is quite favorable.

Keeping in mind the recent thread on the perils of confidence, I did complete increasing my already top position by 25% today (and placed an additional low-ball order). I’m in at $45.25 and $45.52 on today’s buys.

Wonder if Saul nibbled?

Bedtime for,


Wonder if Saul nibbled?

Yes, I couldn’t resist, but it was just a small nibble as I already have a large position.

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