Listen to the other side

I’m glad I got over my own aversion to listen to the other side. Who wants to hear a bunch of crap? But discourse is the road to understanding. I love the English expression “Loyal Opposition!” and they go at it tooth and claw.

I found it quite amazing how a firebrand leftist like Thomas Frank and I could have so much in common! A dislike for elites, a dislike for Ivory Tower know-it-alls, a trust in the wisdom of ordinary people. The talk is not about Trump so much as but about the wrong path taken by the Democrat party.

The answer to the last question of the Q&A is so great that I had the feeling it was staged. Maybe not.

What to Make of the Age of Trump by Thomas Frank

Denny Schlesinger


If as been reported, that Cruz and Abbott speak at the Tesla party tonight I will be waiting to hear about their views on climate change and how the Tesla mission fits in with their Texas politics. Giving the opposite views a fair listen.

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