Listening to conference calls

Conference calls give you tons of information, as we all know, but they also allow you to get to know management a little. The style of the call usually gives some insight into the management style. Square and especially Twitter usually have unorthodox, somewhat touchy-feely calls, at least as far as Jack Dorsey is involved. Alteryx, on the other hand, will put you to sleep!

I posit that the AYX calls are soooooo utterly boring because they’re very methodical and focused on execution. They’re not flashy. They’re simply providing a product that organizations need. I see this reflected in their numbers. Not a lot of SBC. Plenty of marketing spend and the like, but nothing surprising or out of nowhere. They’re not trying to take over the world; they are simply trying to be the very best at what they do.

I like to see a company where the feeling I get from management matches the numbers I’m seeing. Not just reading but listening to the call really helps me.



I couldn’t agree more, Bear. Listening to TTD and TWLO conference calls live last year is a big reason I had the confidence to purchase large positions in the companies which went on to produce huge gains. Hearing the tone of voice the executives use and the way they explain things can be very valuable and helps you to read between the lines as to what the future may hold for the company.



Let me third the motion to listen instead of just read conference calls. It takes a lot longer, but I tend to get a lot more out of them when listening versus just reading.

I’d encourage others to listen if you can find the time.

Communication suffers when going from in person to over the phone to the written word. Since we can’t actually be there in person, the listening to the call is our best bet.

who loves listening to Jeff Green of TTD and finds that call very enjoyable and informative every time.


Great Points!

I listened to 3 AYX calls last year and could barely keep my eyes open! I prefer to read their scripts the next day (too dry for me to listen live).

However, I really enjoy Twilio, ZScaler, Pluralsight, TTD, Mongo and Elastic.

I do however get agitated listening to the analysts “ask” a question, which basically feels like it takes 10 minutes in and of itself, and ends up being 4 questions. :slight_smile:



That makes perfect sense to me, though… Alteryx is deep in the business of data analytics. Stuff for data nerds (like me) that put “normal” people to sleep in a heartbeat, but it’s what drives them. And, I suspect, if they’re also making data-driven decisions, it helps their business. Just don’t expect to be entertained listening to their conf calls. :wink:

Company earnings calls I’ve enjoyed listening to in the past: ABMD, NVDA (except that one where I screamed at Jensen), OKTA, BWLD (now private). Coincidentally, I own all of those except BWLD.

Calls I could skip and be fine reading after (I don’t own all of these anymore): ATVI, GILD, SKX…