Live Steam Of Stocktoberfest Talks

If you are interested in any of the presentations at Stocktoberfest it appears that StockTwits is Periscoping the talks so you can watch and hear them live.

Simply log into Twitter and use the #stocktoberfest in the search box and view the feed of tweets - click on the live stream of the talk you want to hear.

It is lunch time now so nothing is being periscoped - the next talk is at 1PM PDST. I am hoping it is streamed - can’t be sure.

Unable to discuss any specific presentations as it would prevent me from trading for two days in anything I mention due to MF Ticker Guide restrictions - so let’s just say there may be something of interest in this afternoon’s agenda - which is shown below.

Here is the agenda so you can see if there is anything of interest to the board. I would highly recommend you look at the agenda based on discussions on this board.

Frank - long TWTR, see profile for all holdings

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Greg Garrabrants will be speaking in 13 minutes. Maybe there will be more information disclosed…

I tried listening in to the talk via Meerkat and Periscope. This was apparently one of the only presentations that was blacked out. Not sure what happened.

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