Long held beliefs thrown out

  • free trade agreements are in again. TTIP apparently being revived (plus tailwind for CETA and possibly even Mercosur) https://rmx.news/commentary/us-eu-free-trade-ttip-agreement-…

  • NATO finds renewed purpose

  • Germany - pacifism is extinct, €100b to be thrown at Germany’s long-starved military. There are talks of having the few residual nuclear reactors run longer.

  • Fossile energy reserves to be looked for everywhere. Everywhere? Proposed changes to a license that would allow Chevron to unfreeze its projects in Venezuela gained traction after a key meeting in Caracas earlier this month between U.S. officials and President Nicolas Maduro, whose government is not recognized by Washington. But the encounter was also criticized in the U.S Congress, even by [party] who asked President [] not to breathe new life into Maduro’s “reign of torture and murder.”