Looking for QuickBooks help

Does anyone on here know much about QuickBooks? I can see an entry I made, with clearly a category assigned to it. However, when I go to this same category in the Chart of Accounts, it does not show up. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Thanks… There used to be a QuickBooks users group on the Motley Fool, but I think the group was closed a few years ago… Bummer. Thanks if anyone has any suggestions…


Maybe the category has been selected to the no-show list? Or inactive?


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It has been a long time… I used to work for Intuit, did and lead QuickBooks support for years but that was a lifetime ago. Left there in 2008 during their big riff and haven’t looked back.

What I would suggest trying.

  1. Open the transaction in question. What is the offsetting account type?
  2. Change the offsetting account to a different one of the same type as the first and save the transaction
  3. Go to the new offsetting account afterwards. Do you see the transaction?
  4. If so, now change it back to the original account
  5. Do you see the transaction now?
  6. If you still don’t see the transaction, I would recommend that you validate the data file

If these steps don’t work, go get on the QuickBooks support site.