magic quadrant EPP for 2019

Here is the report…

Very favorable for crowdstrike. Definitely read the comments about the various companies. Lots of good info.

Crowdstrike and Microsoft lead the pack. CRWD edges out in vision and Microsoft in ability to execute. The article has a link to the actual report which is worth a read and really highlights how the endpoint protection platform (EPP) market is changing.

Also in big news VMware is buying carbon black. CB had been struggling lately so it will be interesting to see what VMware does with it. Dell is one of cwrd’s partners and I’m pretty sure they use it internally so I’ll be interested to see how that works.

Best Ethan


Here is the previous magic quadrant, from Jan. 2018.

Crowdstrike and Microsoft making big moves from Jan. 2018.…



Thanks Ethan and Jim for that info.

Crowd is pretty slick and seems like they are the top dog in this market. Very powerful platform by all accounts. And super growth.

It was also interesting that the company Elastic is acquiring, Endgame, was on the 2018 quadrant and not the 2019. Though the 2019 had them as an honorable mention.

This is because the 2018 had a 500,000 non-consumer license deployment requirement and the 2019 has a 4.5 million license requirement.

Endgame was ranked near top for vision but not so much for ability to execute. Small size. But for anyone interested in seeing what Gartner has to say about Endgame both have it and it’s pretty favorable.

But it’s not CrowdStrike.



I think the endgame acquisition could be really interesting for estc since I’m sure they will integrate it very tightly with their SIEM offering. Nobody else has great endpoint protection tightly integrated with a great SIEM platform. The market is growing and changing quickly and there is definitely room for multiple winners.