Market mood affecting upst

So much of the reaction to UPST earnings seems to me due to the market’s mood on this particular day. At least, the extent of the sell-off has got to be related to the fearful trading going on with other high growth names (Tesla down 10 percent, eg). Sometimes before earnings a stock will run up a bit on anticipation of a big number, the ebullience of investors evident in the price action, but the psychology of investors today with UPST looked fearful all day long. Not a comment about the business of Upstart, but important to highlight context here in order to assess whether there’s a buying opportunity now (I think there is) or whether the market is telling us to sell. I look forward to a mood shift on this stock.


Purely speculation on my part but I do think there maybe something to this and why it dipped so much.

TSLA, AMC, LMND and PLTR all down 10+% today.

I don’t invest in any of those stocks but I do think some mime investors were in Upstart and decided to get out.

I’m not selling