Market Pass 2022 aka 630X Growth Map

Hello, hope this is a good place to ask this question. I appreciate a point in the right direction if it is not. What can a subscriber to Market Pass in 2022 expect for renewing? I am sold on these products and the MF way but I haven’t seen the value in renewing the big products. What does a Market Pass subscriber get if they renew in 2022? Thank you, Sam

Sam Sam the krap houseman, superintendent of the st house band, leader of the st house bluuuuuez.

just kidding,

I’d pass.

Going to assume you don’t know how to read charts. However, in order to become a healthy, wealthy investor just swing trade AAPL, MSFT, SPXL, VTI, ETHUSD and that’s it via the power of compounding or just invest 1,000 shares at each buy signal. If an eighth-grader can do it, you can do it as well. My two (2) nieces have been swing trading on their Robinhood since 6th grade during lunchtime or if they get home in time with 0 losses other than a speed bump or two.

For a faster way of making a million dollars is by the 2% theory strategy within two (2) years. This requires homework in finding stocks less than 30 dollars via scanning tools. All we do is throw 5 darts at the evening’s list hanging on the wall and wait for the next day for any movement heading north. If APA, BBIG, SCM, BBBY, OIS exceed last night’s darts by 2% with a SELL LIMIT order GTC and just wait. These are 5 separate accounts. Sometimes these puppies are bought and sold within one day.

Charts don’t lie, people do.

Apple is expected to hit about $700.00 per share by next year or sooner.

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Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 45 years.
------------ Vision - Multi-Millionaire…Goal - earn 1.3% - 2.5% compounded Daily

Hi, samcham. I apologize for the delayed response. Market Pass is one of my favorite services because of the Ultimate Portfolio.

For questions regarding renewal, please contact They can look at your account and provide a personal response.

As for the value, I would urge you not to focus on the market movements of the last year, over which TMF has no control, but on the investing knowledge you have gained, the confidence with which you continue your investment journey, and your long-term (3-5 years or longer) conviction for the companies in which you are invested.

Who notes if TMF follows the path it has taken in past years, there will be an Ultimate Portfolio 2022 as well as a continuation of access to all the other premium services contained within the Market Pass service…

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