Marking The End of Supply Side Economics

New York Times


The U.S. economy grew 1.7% in the fourth quarter, a 6.9% annual rate and its largest one-year jump since 1984.

My own take the 1984 number was still a product of demand side economics. The economy had not been killed yet by supply side economics.

Why “killed”? Because as a very slow growing economy from 1981 to 2020 the US in relative ways gave up a lot of competitive ground to the rest of the world. We gave up industries. Note GM just announced a new major investment in Michigan. We lagged during the entire period. We gave up taking care of ourselves as a nation. Our roads and bridges…our roads and bridges save money? Or just not have the money? We went to disrepair.

We saw some wave flags. Ha! Why? What was the claim? Do nothing for America? Lead by falling behind with ridiculously bad economic policies?