Mass Grave Discovered in Izium

Independent headline: ‘Tortured, shot, killed’: Zelensky accuses Russia of genocide after Izyum mass grave discovered

Sub-headline: ‘Even entire families are buried there: mother, father and daughter,’ says Ukrainian president

“Children and adults. Civilians and military. Tortured, shot, killed by shelling,” Mr Zelensky said. “Even entire families are buried there: mother, father and daughter.”

More than 400 graves have been found at the site.

Mr Zelensky, who visited the area around Izyum on Wednesday, said the discoveries showed again the need for world leaders to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. He confirmed the grim discovery overnight on Thursday, and said that “the necessary procedures have already begun there”.

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The whole invasion is terrible, but this idea of shooting groups of civilians is really extreme.

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