Mastodon Server Selection

I am looking into joining Mastodon. I found these suggestions -

In poking today, I have been told it is not possible to join or “at this time”. So it this just on Saturday January 28th or for some indefinite period of time?

I’d never heard of Mastodon, but you made me curious. From what I could gather each Mastodon server is hosted on its own - physical or virtual - server. If physical there will be capacity limits. If virtual, the hosting site may be able to keep expanding the capacity but will charge $$$ for it. So the idea that a server might not be adding new participants could be a reflection of such constraints.

On the other hand, the concept behind Mastodon seems to be to have multiple somewhat independent groups, rather than one huge group. So a limit could just as easily be a matter of wanting to keep the group on a server to a manageable size for philosophical reasons, or perhaps to avoid an administration nightmare.

Good luck!

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