matinas biopharma

Matinas biopharma is developing orally delivered drug treatments for SUPERBUG infections,a nano-particle delivery system,to deliver already approved drugs which are toxic but are highly effective.
The two products in clinical trials are,an antifungal drug,amphotericin B and aminoglycoside antibiotic, amikacin.
Both these drugs are used intravenously,in a hospital,these same drugs can be safely administered orally,at the patient’s home,cutting hospital stay.
This biopharma may have a technololgy platform that makes highly effective but extremely toxic drugs,equally effective but non toxic.If successful,applications could be unlimited.
Management comes from highly successful companies.
Could it be Amazon of biopharma?
thank you.

Interesting concept… I’ll have to look into them as I’ve never heard of them. Thanks for bringing it to board.