Maxmind and the Arnold's farm

… what’s the significance of 38 North, 97 West? It’s more of less in the middle of the country and when Maxmind can’t tell the exact physical location of a US IP address, they just give the customer those coordinates. And some 600 million US IP addresses are so labeled.

The Glitch That Kept Sending The FBI To A Tiny Kansas Farm

Kansas family sues mapping company for years of ‘digital hell’…



600,000,000 addresses to one point on the map???!!!

  1. One of the articles linked said they were only suing for $75,000. Should be / have been for at least ten or twenty times that amount.

  2. The over the top gross stupidity of an outfit like a MaxMind in not detecting such a ‘600,000,000 count flaw’ in their program is due for getting slapped with a major pain and suffering penalty.

It takes a real idiot(s) with a computer to pull this kind of world class stupidity.