Mayhem reshuffle

Ok - in case anyone is vaguely interested in crowd sourcing investing intelligence, this is what I did in UK and US…

  1. Sales
    I got released cash from investments that when I asked myself is there a better place for my money the answer was yes in a number of circumstances:
    a) Investments that had not delivered on the original investment thesis - including: UBNT, CSCO, QCOM, BBY.L
    b) Investments where the 80/20 of the easy money had been made I including: AIG
    c) Investments where a corporate action had protected the stock from downside but means no potential upside along the road including: PUR.L, QED.L

  2. Purchases
    a) I got back into ARM.L which I had been waiting for a long time
    b) I added to my stake in AMBA & SWKS which has fallen way back
    c) I took stakes in new holdings that had been dropped further than the market correction: SNCR, NHTC and ATRO
    d) and some folks might not want to hear this but I bought into some arbitrage opportunities with China stocks with price falls despite a going private offer on the table: DANG & QIHU