McKinnon and Okta FastPass...

Okta CEO, Todd McKinnon is a good follow on Twitter. He is transparent, relentlessly enthusiastic, energetic (major fitness nut) and an effective communicator. He confronts criticism openly and offers direct messages to prospects/customers. Never can be sure how legit this stuff is, but he sure seems to be the convincing embodiment of a clean cut family man. Anyway, this morning on twitter…

He’s raving about a new feature, Okta Fastpass.

From the site…

Okta FastPass enables passwordless authentication into anything you need to get your work done, on any device. Utilize Okta FastPass to minimize end user friction when accessing corporate resources, while still enforcing Okta’s adaptive policy checks.

This is a beautifully-designed page that lays out the benefits and use cases in clear simple language with a video, and just speaks well of Okta’s all-around communication game.

Along with Coupa, I find this to be one of our most solid stocks in terms of vision, culture, leadership, focus. By “solid” I mean least likely to have a catastrophic loss of focus or debacle.

Fool On,