MDB earnings

MDB earnings are today.

Here is what I have for the last 2 years.

Rev. growth (%)

2018 51 51 58 51
2019 49 61 57

I first purchased MDB a year ago today, and put it in Motley Fool Caps at the same time to track the performance.

MDB +180%

S&P 500 up less than 1%

I hope we get some clarity today on the price cut in Azure.




So far the AI has sold all of these based on larger losses.

Typically these arr entry points. In other words if your chart fills in well and the numbers you are watching looks like you expected, the price of the stock may tank after hours and in the morning.

MDB has some issues trying to figure out how it is going to make money. The poorly thought out change in licensing and retreat has given me pause and I sold. However, I may listen to the conference call snd if I get a fat pitch re-enter

However, I am confident Saul has a time machine and he is out.


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why not re-enter before the earnings?

you could miss a 30% upside just like you did on GH:-)