MDB summary

After reading all of the discussion on Mongo, here is a summary.

Amazon releases a competing product to MongoDB, based on version 3.6, which is 2 years old, targeting MDB customers.


  1. MDB just got a new big time competitor (negative)

  2. MDB has a 2 years of innovation lead (positive)

  3. MDB should be able to out innovate AWS going forward, since this is all they do (positive)

  4. customers most likely won’t want lock in with Amazon (AWS) (positive)

  5. AWS is pushing the boundary of open source, most likely making developers mad and avoiding documentdb (positive)

  6. Amazon has no risk of losing current customers since this is a new product, MDB does (negative)

  7. MDB has a presentation next week on 1/15, TBD if they address Amazon as a competitor

  8. Amazon just acknowledged MDB as the leader in the market (positive)

Overall, the risks appear to be low, but MDB is now a riskier company as an investment.

How and when do we know how this affects MDB?

  1. Revenue numbers, can they maintain their growth rate.

  2. Atlas revenue

  3. customer count

How soon we see the affects of Amazon as a competitor, if there is any, I don’t know. My guess is could take up to a year.