This morning MDB announced a partnership with BABA for Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of the Alibaba Group to offer customers an authorized MongoDB-as-a-service solution. Customers of Alibaba Cloud will be able to use this managed offering globally.



“Not only is China one of the largest markets for database software, but there also has been enormous adoption of MongoDB in this market. In fact, over the past four years the most downloads of MongoDB have been from China, reflecting the global popularity of MongoDB’s next-generation database platform,” said Dev Ittycheria, President & CEO of MongoDB. “Now, customers of all sizes have access to the only authorized MongoDB DBaaS offering in mainland China. We’re excited to partner with Alibaba Cloud to enable customers to use MongoDB to transform their businesses.”

MDB is big in China. This partnership seems like a significant development.



“data intelligence backbone”

What is a data intelligence backbone?

Since the backbone is kind of the base on which a body is structurally built, I’m guessing it’s the base on which the data intelligence functions are built. So maybe the data intelligence services run on Alibaba Cloud?

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I work in tech and hadn’t heard about it. It set off some tripwires around over jargonized press releases for me, but I’m sure there are things I haven’t heard of. Just trying to see if it was BABA specific terminology.

I wonder what it means for Atlas. I presume Atlas has a target IaaS provider (or is BYO at that scale?) I wonder if it’s more like channel partner economics or helps to monetize the AIPAC usage that may be more on the open source side right now.

I wonder what it means for Atlas. I presume Atlas has a target IaaS provider (or is BYO at that scale?)

Ali Baba Cloud is the target IaaS provider (as in AWS). This should be a significant deal. Ali Baba Cloud is the leader in Asia and is growing at 66% (as of September ER).

The details are in the press release link below.…