MDP picks

Don’t panic, I am not a member so not publishing any secrets. These are from the perennial membership drives which include free teasers. But first a plug for and from MDP…

Joining MDP means you receive full access to all 5 of the Fool’s stock idea services – including Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Hidden Gems, Income Investor, and Inside Value.

There’s another layer of value as well. In MDP, lead advisor Matt
Argersinger and his team hand-pick the “best of the best” Fool
recommendations… letting you in on their highest-conviction ideas from
across the Fool universe and helping you build a diversified portfolio
across a range of different holdings.

You are not only told which stocks to buy, but also how much to buy,
including the exact percentage of your portfolio to dedicate to a
particular company.

After the Watch List is published each month, the team will discuss
and evaluate that pool of stocks. This will lead to a mandated decision
to recommend — or not recommend — one or more of the Watch List
companies within 30 days of the list’s publication. The team’s discussions.

will be published after decisions are made
Every month, each MDP analyst will suggest a minimum of two companies
from his respective stock-idea service(s). One of those companies must
originate from each service’s current list of Best Buys Now or Buy First
companies, which represent each service’s most timely recommendations
for new money. MDP’s portfolio and research leads will also suggest theirtop recommendations. Combined, this pool of recommendations will make up the month’s Watch List, to be published and shared with MDP members.

I think the non-sale price is $2000/year.

Might be interesting for 1YPEG hunting, excluding value and income picks no doubt.

Here is the group from April 2015…

Aug 2015…

Nov 2015 (not done yet)…

NVDA looks very strong from Aug tease, we should check that out. We like AMBA.