Memorial Day weekend picks

Saluting our veterans- past and present.

Here are some stocks that bubbled to the top of my criteria-
all having good technicals and fundamentals.

The energy ones still lead the pack -
(And if you held on to the energy sector ETF 
-XLE-in 2022 when the CCI / MACD told you to,
the only one of the 11 sectors having good numbers-
you've done well- up 55%)

I displayed the market cap. values in case size was
also someone's criteria in selection-
(too small, and its low volume bid-asked might be a problem).

Ticker	Company		                Industry		Market Cap
MRK	Merck & Co., Inc.		Drug Manufacturers	233.43B
PXD	Pioneer Natural Resources Co.	Oil & Gas E&P		 67.75B
OXY	Occidental Petroleum Corp.	Oil & Gas E&P		 64.35B
CTRA	Coterra Energy Inc.		Oil & Gas E&P		 27.92B
CSL	Carlisle Companies Incorp.	Building Products & Eq	 12.98B
MNRL	Brigham Minerals, Inc.		Oil & Gas E&P		  1.82B
VHI	Valhi, Inc.		        Chemicals		  1.39B
DMLP	Dorchester Minerals, L.P.	Oil & Gas E&P		  1.15B
SD	SandRidge Energy, Inc.		Oil & Gas E&P		    900.94M
HDSN	Hudson Technologies, Inc.	Specialty Chemicals	    435.60M
ESEA	Euroseas Ltd.		        Marine Shipping		    230.26M

Forgot to add a link from that will
give more detail about these stocks should you
want more info on them.

6 month returns sort:,ESEA,MNRL,…

Mkt cap. sort:,ESEA,MNRL,…


Well, let’s see just what happened to these picks.

Most had a very good week after posting.

But around June 7 (a week after posting),
just about all of them had their
CCI(20) drop below 100 and just kept falling
from then.

Here’s an example of one: SD, up about 20% a week
after posting (now down about 20%).
CCI went below 100 and look out below!!!…

(The CCI is overlayed on the price on the bottom panel
as well as by itself on the top panel)

Guess in a volatile market, you have to be quick
on trigger if things (the market in general) start to sour.


Another view.