$META Steals a Discord Idea

I can’t imagine wanting to join a group on any social media to listen to even louder groupthink through headphones. The last thing I want to hear are QAnon grippers slipping into groups where they espouse on the day’s latest conspiracy theories. Keep that crap away from me:

Tech Radar headline: One of Discord’s best features is coming to Facebook
By Stephen Lambrechts published about 3 hours ago

Sub-headline: Facebook is stealing one of Discord’s best audio features


Meta has announced(opens in new tab) that it’s currently working on a suite of new features for Facebook Groups which are intended to bring communities closer together, and some of them will be very familiar to users of the popular voice, video, and text chat app Discord.

According to the announcement, admins will soon have the ability to create channels within their groups which allow them to interact in “smaller, more casual settings where they can have deeper discussions on common interests or organize their communities around topics in different formats.”