"Methinks Thou Dost Protest...

…Too Much…" (Hamlet Mom)

Today I posted an update on DOCU. So far 25 recs, and no one told me it does not belong on this board. This is just a few days after Saul sold out… BTW, if you haven’t seen the post here it is:


Over the last 6 or 8 weeks (or something like that) I have posted deep dives on ZUO, WIX, NVTA, GWRE and DOCU. NONE of these were “Saul Stocks.” Regarding GWRE, Saul responded to my post, after a good discussion with others, all in CAPS and with a few !!! thrown in :). BUT HERE’S THE DEAL: I learned from his post and actually enjoyed his enthusiasm. Here is the post in case you missed it and Saul’s response (and then my response back to him):


You see, I have relatives that did not grow up texting and emailing and they often send me messages ALL IN CAPS, especially when they are excited or want to emphasize a point. I appreciate their enthusiasm and their spunk! OR MAYBE THEY’VE BEEN SIPPING ON PORT? WHO KNOWS!

It’s only a stock board, people. No hard feeling are meant 99.99% of the time…

So: a new board? YES! I will post there too.

More discussion regarding this topic? Please no…

Who’s got a new company they want to pitch?

Batter up!

Best, Swift…


Ok i’ll bite…still think the Pot stocks have a bright future…
Cron has done nicely and just look at volume on ACB which IBD projected as the first
Pot company to show a profit!


Plankton. That’s not helpful to anyone. If you’re serious do a deep dive on one of those. Look at Swift’s links as a template.

Great post Swift and thanks for all the ideas you bring.