Micron (MU) reports

Micron had a good earnings report:

Q1 EPS of $2.45 beats by $0.25

Revenue of $6.8B (+71.3% Y/Y) beats by $410M

Profit margin improved

Forward guidance better than expected.

All in all, a good quarter left behind and good quarters yet to come. I’m fond of companies that raise future expectations. Analysts scramble to revise their estimates and, as a consequence, often raise their estimates/recommendations.


Price at close (4 pm EST) was $43.98. Price at end of after hours trading was about $46.35.

It’s still below the recent high of close to $50.

Because of where I have spare cash (and how much), I may end up holding this one in my margin account, my regular IRA, and my Roth. It’s two mints in one - a value stock and a growth stock. Doesn’t happen that often.

It’s also very much under the radar at Fool.com - no articles on it. I don’t remember Saul commenting on it, either, for that matter. But it might be the easiest double in our world, and fairly well insulated against market corrections as far as making money, though maybe not against perceptions.