Does anybody have thoughts on MIDD?

Not a Saul type company but does have a large following at TMF. Purchased in a number of real money portfolios and rec’d several times by premium services in the past. Also sold way too soon by one service. TMF1000, Tom Engle, a well respected, well followed Fool has it as one of his SuperStocks

If you have a subscription to RB, this link might help:


I own it as part of my slow-but-steady-don’t-have-to-pay-much-attention-to-them holdings. Have added occasionally but not recently. Overall up 1351% overall but can’t tell you without more research how long I have held it.


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I bought MIDD in 2012. I made decent money but it stalled the last couple of
years. Problems with integrating its purchase of Viking and problems with the Viking product line were substantial. Also, the slowdown in restaurants in general has apparently hurt its short term business. I sold all mine in January and put the money into stocks I think have better growth potential.


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