Mike Irvin case

What did he say? A few drinks, a handshake, you are kind of cute…the lobby camera can see him…a few seconds later he goes up alone to his room. He is then told he has to change hotels. His career is now over. He will get $100 m out of Marriott. I am guessing at the your kind of cute. A natural type of rap when you have had a few drinks. No harm ever at all. Not really any sort of c’mon at all. Just a small compliment.

Why? Does not matter. Marriott’s staff all around have messed up badly. Irvin has to have this payday in a courtroom to make him whole. He is now out of business over this powerplay against him.


You may rarely see public figures suing for defamation. Even less common is a public figure winning a defamation lawsuit. Public figures have a greater burden to prove in a defamation lawsuit…

Unlike standard defamation, success in a defamation case against a public figure requires four elements (the fourth is unique to public figures):

  1. a false and defamatory statement about the public figure;
  2. communication of that statement to a third party;
  3. a tendency to harm the public figure’s reputation in the community; and
  4. the defendant acted with “actual malice.”


The hotel telling Irvin to pack his bags and this becoming public by informing his employer is malice. Especially telling his employer. Or the press. Because the claim had to be substantiated by now several times over. The claim may not be known by the public at this point and there may not be any claim but going to Irvin’s employer and the press is malice. Trying to get him fired. That is purposeful harm.


This should be labeled OT. I’m following this only because I follow the NFL. The NFL has a robust investigative system. For example, Robert Mueller worked for the NFL before he investigated Trump. The NFL didn’t act unless they had the goods.

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Michael Irvin has a very, very checkered past. I’m guessing he is going to have a really hard time winning this. I’m not down on him, the only time in recent years I’ve listened to him has been when he was a guest on the Dan Patrick show. He was very funny at times, but definitely has a hard edge to him. But he absolutely lost his mind in the past, drugs,alcohol,prostitutes,…


Syke this was not an NFL decision. ESPN decided this one.

Irvin works for NFL Network–which is to say the NFL–and ESPN. There is no way either org is going to remove a prominent analyst right before a major event with no evidence. I guarantee they have security camera footage or similar level of evidence.


When a claim is made automatically someone is removed.

It does not mean it is permanent. There is an outcry if the claimant is not respected.

adding reading more about it, yes the ESPN and the NFL have sidelined him.

He had one charge against him in 2001. He ended up with probation, $10k fine and 800 hours of community service.

It is 22 years later. Might as well let that go that he is such a criminal.

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